Don't Throw It Out- Cash It In.

Profit from our metal recycling services in Canton and Mabank, TX

Are you moving out soon and need to get rid of metal junk that's accumulated in your home? Do you have a broken appliance with metal parts? Don't throw out valuable metal and let it go to waste in a landfill. Bring it to Capitol Recycling Solutions LLC. We offer public recycling services for clients in Canton and Mabank, TX. Your drop-off process will be hassle-free.

We have a full-length truck scale and a fully automated purchasing program. You can expect timely and accurate services from our friendly staff. Contact us today to ask about the metals we accept.

The benefits of recycling scrap metal

The benefits of recycling scrap metal

Recycling metal is one of the best ways to get rid of aluminum, copper and other used or scrap metal around your home in Tyler, TX-and our recycling services make it easy. Here are some of the advantages of recycling metal:

  • It decreases greenhouse gas emissions
  • It conserves natural resources
  • It reduces the cost of metal items in the future

You can also make some spare cash if you bring your metal to a recycling center with competitive pricing. For up-to-the-minute pricing on all metals, please call (903) 865-1510 now.